About Thriving Office Cleaning Services

When you’ve got a dirty office, you want it clean – that’s for certain! However, you probably don’t want just anybody cleaning it, because you want the job done right, so you’re left with an office that’s pleasant, orderly and hygienic.

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For a start, you probably don’t want to expect your colleagues and employees to do their own tidying up. OK, it might be a good idea in theory to have everyone take responsibility for their own mess, but this concept has some serious limitations. For one thing, there are loads of things that aren’t really anybody’s fault or anybody’s job, unlike the spilt coffee and the splatters of reheated curry left in the microwave. After all, nobody’s really responsible for the dust on the windowsills or the cobweb in the corner of the conference room. Secondly, there’s always that one very, very busy person who just doesn’t have time to deal with anything as trivial as the dropped crisp packet and the smear of mayo left on the desk when they had a working lunch – they’re busy, OK? You probably know the one, as there’s one in every office (maybe it’s you). Last but not least, office cleaning takes a lot of time, and if the job is done properly, your staff members will take oodles of time doing it rather than concentrating on their core business. Besides, you probably hired those people for their accounting skills or their talent for organising, not their cleaning skills.

In a nutshell, this is why we are here. Thriving Office Cleaning Services will help your office look perfect and attractive. OK, we might not be able to do anything about the awful colour scheme left over from the 1980s beige era that the management insists on keeping but we can do something about the grime, the layer of dust behind the CPU on your desk and the rubbish bins. We’re professional office cleaners and we know what we’re doing!

Our Commercial Cleaners

Because we take the task of providing the very best office cleaning services seriously, we have made sure that we have the very best people on our team. We train all of our janitors to a very high standard – the proper industry standards, in fact. We also put them through a police vetting check to ensure that they’re reliable and trustworthy, so you feel comfortable with trusting them with the keys to your workplace after hours.

Communication is also vital to conducting any type of business, so we also make sure that our team members have an acceptable level of spoken English. After all, you need to let him or her know about what you want done without any “lost in translation” issues, and he or she will also need to communicate with you if they encounter any problems that you need to know about (e.g. the horribly leaking tap or the crack in the window). In fact, we always strive to maintain good communication with all of our clients.

Our Commitment To Customer Service

Our dedication to good communication is just one of the ways that we do our utmost to make sure that you’re happy with our cleaning services. We take customer service very seriously, just like you do in your business, and probably for the same reasons.

Our main way that we keep our customers happy is by doing a very good job. We are all enthusiastic and dedicated to all aspects of cleaning, and we get a real sense of satisfaction about doing the job right and cleaning up things perfectly. In fact, we get a wee bit of a kick out of the idea that we will take the mess that you left at the end of the working day and clean it all up so that when you walk in the door to start work the next morning, you’ll come back to something clean, fresh and orderly. It’s like being some kind of good fairy or guardian angel.

Speaking about your ability to walk out of a mess at the end of the day and come back to a clean office the next morning, we’re just talking about the most typical situation that we encounter – the one where you get a daily janitor who comes in after hours every day. However, this might not suit your situation best. Your business might involve odd shifts that require the daily office cleaners to come in at very strange times of the day. Or you might be a smaller outfit that doesn’t want or need a cleaner to come in every single working day. Or you might be running a café or other eatery where it’s vital that the toilets and bathrooms are cleaned several times a day. No matter what your situation is, how often you want your workplace cleaned or when you want it cleaned, we can fit in with you and do things the way you want it. And if you want the janitor to come in and clean when there are still people on site, we’ll be sure to give you a proper polite hello!

Although a lot of our office cleaning clients like to have regular contracted janitor services, you might just be in need of a big one-off session (moving out cleaning, spring cleaning or a clean-up after renovations, for example). Or maybe you need some extra cleaning after the office party at the end of the year got a bit out of hand! We’re also able to provide one-off cleaning sessions either instead of or as well as regular scheduled cleaning.

If you prefer regular scheduled janitor services, you may wonder what happens over public holidays, or what happens when your regular cleaner gets ill or goes on holiday (we employ humans for our office cleaning team, after all!). The short answer to this is that you don’t have to worry. In the case of a public holiday, you’ll still get your office cleaned – at no extra charge, either. In the case where your regular janitor isn’t able to come in for whatever reason, we’ll be responsible for arranging a replacement who’ll take over the job temporarily.

Our Contract Cleaning Equipment

It takes a lot of equipment to keep an office or other workplace properly clean. We don’t expect you to provide all the gear that it takes. Instead, we will bring along everything necessary to get your office spick and span (whatever spick or span happen to be – weird phrase, isn’t it?). From the dusters and the cleaning sprays through to the more heavy duty gear like industrial strength vacuum cleaners and floor polishing machines, we’ll provide everything that’s needed.

But what happens if you’ve already got a vacuum cleaner tucked away in the broom cupboard or if you’ve got a particular type of cleaning product that you would prefer us to use (e.g. if you’re an organic food café that only wants natural cleaning products to be used)? Again, this is no problem. If you would like us to use the gear that you’ve already got handy, then we will do things your way and use your products and equipment. We’ll make allowances for this on the quote as well, just to make things fair and easy.

If you need a regular supply of janitor and cleaning equipment because your workplace has a “clean as you go” health and safety policy (very common in the case of food outlets and kitchens), then we can provide the supplies you need such as cleaning cloths and disinfectant sprays at a very competitive cost.

No matter what your needs are in the way of office cleaning services, the team here at Thriving Office Cleaning Services are more than happy to do things your way. Talk to us today to find out more or to get a quote for cleaning your office!