Office Cleaning Services

Hassle-Free Outsourcing of the Cleaning Maintenance of Your Office Premises

Here at Thriving Office Cleaning Services, we’re proud to offer you a very diverse range of professional office cleaning services, from providing you with janitorial supplies through to more heavy-duty things like spring cleaning and deep cleaning. In fact, we can provide you with all of the following:

Contract Cleaning Services London
  • daily office cleaning (janitor services)
  • moving in and moving out cleans
  • bathroom and washroom servicing
  • specialist computer and electronic equipment clean
  • hard floor cleaning and polishing
  • builders’ cleans (tidying up after renovations)
  • spring cleaning and deep cleaning
  • janitorial supplies

This list might make it look simple, but as you’ve probably already learned, keeping an office in the best condition is seldom simple. To help you understand a bit more about what’s involved and to give you an idea of the tasks that are covered, we’ll give you some more details on the most important ones.

Daily Office Cleaning

Daily office cleaning, aka janitor services, make up the bulk of what we do here at Thriving Office Cleaning Services. It’s a janitor who takes care of all the everyday tasks, cleaning up the mess of the day so that when you come into work the next day, you find the place looking fresh and perfect.

To be a bit more specific, here’s what a janitor will do:

  • dusting flat surfaces such as windowsills, shelves and skirting boards
  • wiping down tables and desks in workspaces, conference rooms, cubicles, etc.
  • vacuuming carpets
  • removing cobwebs
  • wiping fingerprints off high-touch metal surfaces like door handles, stair rails and the like
  • watering and caring for indoor plants
  • picking up litter and other debris off the floors
  • emptying rubbish bins
  • wiping out microwave ovens and refrigerators
  • sanitising kitchens, canteens, morning tea rooms and other dining spaces
  • wiping down countertops
  • sanitising bathrooms, toilets, urinals, washrooms and showers
  • topping up bathroom and hygiene consumables such as hand sanitiser, soap, toilet paper, etc.
  • removing wilted flower arrangements
  • straightening, stacking and arranging chairs and tables
  • sweeping and mopping hard floors
  • buffing and polishing hard floors such as parquet and lino
  • general tidying (e.g. straightening cushions and reading material in reception areas)

When you first get in touch with the team here at Thriving Office Cleaning Services, we’ll sort out whether you want all of these things done or just most of them, depending on your situation, as part of the initial site visit and survey. After all, we want to do things your way!

Bathroom and Washroom Servicing

The bathroom areas and all the other places that are euphemistically referred to as the “bathroom” are Ground Zero for hygiene (OK, there are actually other places in the office that have a higher bacterial count but that’s another story). Few things will put off your customers and fewer things will get your staff members looking at vacancies in other businesses than having toilets that smell horrible and have a generally grimy and seedy atmosphere. This is why you can get someone from Thriving Office Cleaning Services just to deal with these areas.

Specifically, our bathroom and washroom cleaning experts will pay attention to the following:

  • scrubbing and disinfecting toilet bowls (inside and out) and urinals
  • scouring out sinks and counters
  • cleaning mirrors
  • disinfecting showers
  • polishing taps and other metal fixtures
  • mopping floors
  • emptying rubbish bins
  • topping up the soap, toilet paper, hand sanitiser, paper towels, etc.
  • wiping down walls
  • cleaning tile grout
  • general cleaning (removing cobwebs, dusting, etc.)
  • replacing deodorisers and air fresheners
  • dusting and cleaning fans and ventilator grilles

We know the importance of cleaning bathroom areas regularly and if you want us to, we’ll tick off one of those notice boards that inform the users of the bathrooms when the area was cleaned last.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floors are very common in commercial spaces. However, they see a lot of foot traffic. This means that they have to be cleaned very regularly. There are two levels of hard floor cleaning, both of which are important. Not all floors need both types of cleaning, depending on what they’re made of, and some will need particular types of care more often than others.

Level 1 hard floor cleaning involves the simple sorts of things that your daily janitor will do – and you might even do this to your own floors at home. This involves sweeping up debris from the floor (which is important for safety, as it removes a potential tripping and slipping hazard) and/or vacuuming the floor. It also involves wet or damp mopping the floors, especially in wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens. Wet mopping allows the floors to be disinfected, which is a real must in toilet areas.

Level 2 hard floor cleaning, on the other hand, usually involves a special machine (which we’ll provide if you are worried because you don’t have one of your own at the office). This involves polishing the floors and buffing them to a high shine. This type of cleaning is more important than you think. Polish doesn’t just make the floor look pretty and shiny; it also adds a layer of protection to the surface so that it lasts for longer. Buffing the floor also ensures that debris doesn’t stick to it.

Buffing is also a way of removing deeply engrained scuff marks of the sort that commonly turn up on the floors of gymnasiums. However, floor buffing isn’t just important for sports complexes and gyms. You also get those scuff marks on the floors of shops and in-office corridors because people often walk in these places with shoes that have marking soles (particular types of rubber and plastic will do this). These marks don’t’ come away with ordinary vacuum or mopping, or even scrubbing the floor like an old-school charlady on hands and knees with a big brush. Buffing almost sands off the top layer (which includes old polish that’s past its best) and takes the marks with it. After that, the polish can be reapplied, restoring the beauty of the floor.

Level 1 hard floor cleaning needs to be done more often than Level 2. Depending on your situation and what your floors are made of, and how much foot traffic your workplace gets, you may only need to get Level 2 cleaning done every month or so. In this case, you may want to arrange for a janitor to take care of the Level 1 stuff and then talk to us about sending in the specialist teams of hard floor cleaners to do the Level 2 bits every now and again. However, because our janitors have been trained in how to use those floor polishing and buffing machines, you could just let your janitor know that you want the floors buffed and polished at a certain frequency!

Computer And Electronic Equipment Cleans

Computers and other electronic equipment are an absolute must for any office to function these days. However, these high-touch items can be loaded with bacteria, and they also have lots of little places where dust and crumbs lodge (think of a keyboard). They can be a bit tricky to clean, especially as some things are too rough or too wet and might damage the equipment. However, all that dust and other gunk need to be removed so that the equipment in question can function properly.

Our team members know how to clean your electronics properly so that they’re hygienic and functional – and that’s everything from big stuff like multifunction photocopiers and printers, and interactive whiteboards and projector screens, through to the small and complicated stuff like a mouse or a label maker. We’ll even clean unusual items that you don’t see in everyday offices (chemists’ scales, artists’ lightboxes, etc.)

As is the case with all of our office cleaning services, we provide the tools and the cleaning products needed to do the job, so you don’t have to worry about a thing!